At Green Tree Preservation We Provide a variety of Services.

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Consultation-We offer tree and landscape consultation including diagnostic services, hazard tree evaluations, construction site advice and tree preservation methods. We also offer written reports and assessment.

Crown Cleaning-Crown-thinning and deadwood removal opens the canopy of a tree, reduces end-weight on heavy limbs, distributes light throughout the tree and helps restore the tree’s natural shape. We do this by removing dead, diseased, crowded or weak branches from your tree or shrub. In almost all trees, we climb without using climbing spurs and adhere to all of the International Society of Arboriculture standards of proper tree care.

Crown RaisingRemoving the lowest branches on a tree provides space for working in the yard or creating more light and room for other trees and shrubs in your landscape. Crown raising trees near a house prevents damage to your roof, gutters and service lines. Branches that droop into the driveway, sidewalk or street should be properly pruned to allow free movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

Crown Restoration-Restructuring the canopy of a previously topped tree is done by selectively thinning the tops back to dominant stems and trunks. Crown restoration takes time and is often accomplished in two to three years by using crown-cleaning and thinning techniques.


Cabling-This procedure uses high strength nylon Cobra cables to support natural flaws in a tree’s structure. Cabling can also be effective when a tree has been previously topped and more than one trunk is present. This reduces limb splitting during strong wind or ice storms. When splitting has occurred, we encourage bracing limbs or trunks with threaded steel rods for support, opposed to removal.



Tree Removal-Although Tree Removal is a last resort, there are some circumstances when it is necessary. Our knowledge, skills and equipment we can safely and efficiently remove trees without greatly impacting the surrounding environment. In a standard removal, stumps will be cut as flush as possible to the ground line; wood will be bucked into 14-16” lengths and left at the base of the tree.  We also can help with replacement planting.

  Fruit Tree Pruning-All fruit trees need to be pruned so that they can utilize the sunlight that they receive, which helps the tree to grow stronger as well as produce the most ripe and tasty fruits. Your pruning plans may vary depending on the type of fruit tree that you have, for example peach and fig trees will have a different dormant season then those of the apple tree. So it is very important to properly prune your fruit tree’s. We can Help.

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